I couldn’t find the right books to help me, or my child, so I did what I normally do &

solved the problem.  I wrote them myself!


Grab your copy today to help you!


Our baking kits have now finished

But, some fab recipes included in the children's
Coeliac Survival Guide

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Our last baking kits were dispatched in March 2023.

I’ve had fun creating and designing all the kits, however, now they are taking up too much of the free time that I have, and it doesn’t make business sense to keep them going.

I’ve loved all the children’s pictures, smiling faces and feedback from the past 18mths or so.

It was an idea that came to fruition to keep me busy whilst life was a little crazy.  More than normal.

But with a full time job, mum taxi service & more, it doesn’t quite fit any longer.  But I’m not disappearing.  We’re just adapting, taking the pressure off and making some changes.

I say taking the pressure off.  I’ve plans, but need to work out all the logistics behind the scenes.  

More info coming once I’ve worked it all out.  

Email me here at help@glutenfreelittlecook.com.