Gluten Free baking kits for kids with
Coeliac Disease or Gluten Intolerances

Fun, creative gluten free baking kits for your child to make tasty treats at home.

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Helping your GF child enjoy food  

What's in a baking kit?

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Gluten Free Little Cook

Our baking kits help you avoid the hassle of label reading & finding all the ingredients to make fun tasty treats.  My daughter has Coeliac Disease too.  Diagnosed in 2018, I had to learn fast on what to exclude.  Just like you have to.

The baking kits are different each month, arriving with all the dry ingredients you need, a recipe card with follow along pictures.  You provide the wet ingredients.  The learning activities vary from word searches, dot to dots, simple food experiments combining with UK seasonal fruits or vegetables and fun facts.

The key focus is for your child to learn that baking is still fun even if they are gluten free.  They can still make the same fun foods as before, that they are still tasty.  

Want to know more, send me a message.  I’m a mum, I understand & look at trying to make your life and mine easier with the kits.  Head over to our Subscribe page now to find out more details about our baking kits.  Have a question?  Then send me a message via Instagram or email me here: