Helping parents & kids learn about coeliac disease

Coeliac disease in children

A total shock. I didn’t know anyone with the disease and had to learn fast.

I started helping other mums, explaining what you needed to do.

I couldn’t find what I needed at the beginning. Seeing other mums struggle a year or two into our diagnosis, I had to help. I solve problems and I set about solving this. I wrote a book for parents, from a mums point of view, helping you know what you need to know quickly.

Having already written an E-book, a friend suggested publishing it. Me? Really? That’s for other people but I took the leap & published the book via Amazon in December 2022 to help lots of other parents, just like you.

And it’s helping parents across the world finding it’s way to the USA, Australia, Cyprus, UK and across Europe. That’s just AWESOME!

When your child’s diagnosed, it’s heartbreaking. You need clear simple information fast, in one place. You want to learn quickly what to exclude, look for, how to read labels and how to save money.

I’m a mum, I had to learn fast too. And all I’ve learnt over the past 5 years I’ve put into my parents book. It’s a big hug from within the pages when you need it most. Want to know more about why click here

It makes your life easier, helping you help your child quickly and importantly know that you’re not alone. There are lots of us out there too, doing the same thing too!

My child didn’t even get a sticker, so I wrote her a book instead, to help children like her. Enabling children to easily understand what’s happening to them and what they need to know to keep themselves safe.

It’s helping them to learn in a fun, easy way, that’s not overwhelming, giving them key phrases to help keep them safe. With a few mentions of farts & poo. Telling it how it is!

books for kids to learn about coeliac disease easily

Check the reviews on Amazon itself on my Instagram or Facebook pages. If you want to grab both books, look at my book bundle which I sign & send out direct, saving you over £5.

books for parents and kids to learn about coeliac disease easily

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