Bonfire Night & the best gluten free hotdogs

With Halloween now done and dusted and an extra hour in bed since the clocks have gone back, we head into winter with our darker nights in the search for the best gluten free hotdogs.

Not my favourite time of year, but it’s not so bad as you get to see the fireworks on November 5th, bonfire night , showing up all the fireworks in the dark sky.

Whilst you are dressed up warm to watch the fireworks, what are you going to give your child to eat so that they too enjoy the full experience?

Bonfire Night Food

When it is cold, and you are outside, you want easy, fun food that is pleasing to eat and definitely warming.

As a child on Bonfire night, we had sausages, baked beans, chilli & baked potatoes. But typically, my GF child doesn’t like baked potatoes. If its not a potato disguised as a chip or a crisp, she isn’t going to eat it!

So it will be about hotdogs for us. As she loves a hotdog. But what about the buns? Gluten free bread is so hit and miss. So here are our top suggestions.

Our Suggestions

Gluten Free Bread is very divisive. But here the ones that I’ve found suitable in our search for the best gluten free hotdogs.

Promise Supersoft White Sandwich Rolls.

£2.80 from Sainsburys for a pack of four. These are my GF child’s favourite currently. They are soft, fluffy and freeze well. They defrost quickly and can be popped in the microwave to defrost quickly – but do leave it to cool before cutting it or it just goes squishy to nothing. If you fancy having a brown hot dog roll they do a multi seed one too.

Tesco white hotdog rolls.

£1.80 for a pack of four. These we haven’t tried, but found them recently. They are slightly smaller than the Promise ones, but they are soft in the packaging. They are a good price, and with all the trimmings of a hotdog I’m sure will do the job.

Schar Baguette Rolls

Schar do make hotdog rolls – they are yet to be available over here in the UK. I saw them recently on an Instagram post from the USA. Hopefully they’ll be available one day, as their Schar hamburger buns are great. They’ve baguettes that would potentially work, though they are a little tougher for a hotdog bun. £2 for two.


But what sausages are you going to use? Proper butcher sausages with a high meat content or more processed meat ones?

Again, it’s down to preference. I prefer a high meat content but my daughter’s favourite ones are from the Co-Op.

We’ve tried lots of sausages over the past 3 years looking for the best gluten free hotdogs. The Co-op ones are a good value, as are the bulk packet from Tesco. If you like fresh ready to cook sausages, then these pork ones are good too.

Many of the processed hotdogs have wheat in them so you need to always check the labels. The ones that I have in the cupboard for emergencies.

Aldi – 8 Bockwurst Sausages – no gluten containing ingredients. Sorry I can’t remember the price or see it online. Asda have a Wikinger brand that online shows no gluten containing ingredients but again check the label. £1.90

Ye Olde Oak – £1.60-£2 – Do check. These chicken sausages are made from mechanically separated meat. On the Ocado website they state ‘may contain’, on the Asda site they don’t. Nor does it state it on the packaging I have at home. Check the label.


Now, when you’ve had your fill of hotdogs, what will you have for dessert? Whilst I often stayed away from brownies when I was running a cake business, when I did put them into a box, they were incredibly popular. So many times it is the only offering that a gluten free person gets. But there are brownies & there are BROWNIES!. It just so happens they are going into the boxes this month so you can make your own at home. My own special secret recipe! You’ll only find out what it is by getting a box.

The brownies were described by a friends daughter as “the best brownies in the world ever”. I’m not going to argue with her! To check out our monthly baking kits and subscribe to our gluten free baking kits, click here.