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Has your child just been diagnosed? 

It’s a bit overwhelming in the beginning, you can feel quite lost.

I’ve been there, had to find it out for myself & was determined I’d do my best for my child.  Then I saw other parents struggle, I had the answers & decided there had to be an easier way. 

I wrote this book to help parents help their child quickly.

You need to know what to do and how to do it.  My book gives you clear & simple information that’s easy to digest, so you can achieve that. 

Making your transition into a gluten free life easier.

I’ve broken it down into simple sections to guide you through the minefield of being a coeliac parent with what YOU need to know in the beginning.

Giving you the confidence to know what you are doing, how to be safe,  read labels and manage cross contamination.

And importantly, for you to know you are not alone.

Don’t struggle & be overwhelmed, there’s enough to do already.  

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A super offer of both the parent and kids book saving over £5.

The parents book helps give you confidence in knowing what to do when your child is diagnosed.  Helping you take the right steps in the right direction.  Learn what to look for, how to support your child and manage cross contamination.

For kids, it’s about helping them understand in a fun and easy way.  Giving them the tools so that they can be strong, say no with confidence and understand why they have to be careful with what they eat. It gives them key phrases to learn, discussion openings, activities and yes, of course there’s mention of toilet habits!!

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Available now on Amazon 

Helping your child confidently adapt to a gluten free life

As we approached our 5th anniversary of diagnosis, it occurred to me that my child never got a sticker, a leaflet or a book when she was diagnosed.

She sat through adult led conversations, and had nothing she could look at, read or see pictures of how it would affect her and her life going forward.

She had me for that, but, looking back, I felt it wasn’t good enough.

So I decided to solve the problem.  

I created a journal especially for children, making it fun to learn about their condition, how they can make themselves safe, informed and help educate others.

Written in an easy language for children to read themselves, with fun pictures, examples and activities.  Helping to give them a voice, learn to ask the questions that they need to keep themselves safe when accepting snacks or eating out.

This journal helps your child understand the why, the how and the what; in a simple easy way so they can go forward, be confident, grow their independence along with a better understanding of Coeliac Disease and how to participate & be included in everything fully.

Grab your copy to help your child learn today.  Click the link above

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Coeliac Disease – What you need to know.

Downloadable version of the A5 book as above.  



This is a general all rounder to help you when you’re first diagnosed. More for adults.



How to help your child go gluten free easily with our handy reference guides.

Ten handy printable guides including: What you need to know, Reading Labels, Checklist, Eat the Rainbow & our fabulous poster to stick on your fridge.

Download to your PC or phone, print & laminate.



Once diagnosed, you know you need to cut out gluten, but how.

My online course can help you. It clearly outlines what you need to do to help your child. 

You need to learn what to do, how to adapt your current processes and keep your child safe.

The course walks you through all the steps. At your own pace.

Content includes:

Getting diagnosed, Next steps, What does gluten free really mean, Learn to read labels, Home – create a safe space, Cross contamination, Gluten free diet, Navigating school & social events.

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Quality child aprons that wash time and time again & still look fantastic.  

Available plain or embroidered with your child’s name.

Embroidered aprons with different options.

Standard colours are red/royal blue.  Other colours available upon request. 

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