Best Gluten Free Pancakes

Don’t miss out on pancake day even if you’re gluten free!

Gluten Free Pancakes with Nutella and Ice Cream

My child loves pancakes. But when she was diagnosed with coeliac disease 4 years ago, just before pancake day, we all panicked as to what we would use, how we would make them. Would they taste ok.

I searched & googled like crazy. What was the best recipe. I don’t remember where I found this one on Facebook, I’ve never seen page again much to my disappointment & I didn’t screenshot it as I normally do. But whoever it was, thank you. Because it works.

And it’s the one recipe we’ve used ever since.

When posted my pancake post in a few groups & the video on the GFLC Instagram page. I was asked if it would work with cornflour and recipes for that are at the bottom of the post. I tested mine against the current measurements & I’d adjust it to 150g GF SR flour & 200 milk. A couple of of other suggestions came in from two ladies who use different recipes & I’ve posted their recipes at the bottom.

If you have a go, tag me using #glutenfreelittlecook into your Facebook or Instagram posts. Definitely not missing out on this event!

250ml Milk – your preferred dietary choice

125g GF SR Flour

1 egg

1 tbsp melted butter or oil

It makes around 4-6 medium sized pancakes.

It makes around 4-6 medium sized pancakes. Double the mixture for more (we do!!)


  • Weigh the flour in a large bowl
  • Add half the milk and egg.
  • Whisk until combined. Add remaining milk.
  • Continue to whisk until smooth, no lumpss and the consistency of single cream.
  • Heat your frying or crepe pan. I picked up a new crepe pan last year to give it a go but a regular frying pan works just as well.
  • Lightly brush with melted butter/oil when hot. You aren’t frying it so it doesn’t need to be swimming in oil. Wipe on, wipe off!
  • I use an American 1/2 cup measuring cup to pour the mixture into the centre of the pan. Use a ladle, jug or a small cup for a similar amount.
  • Lifting the pan, rotate it to spread out the mixture evenly.
  • Put back onto the heat & cook. The edges will change colour first from less opaque to a more solid pale white/cream. Takes 1-2 minutes.
  • Loosen the edges with a palette knife, spatula working your way into the middle
  • Flip the pancake if you are feeling brave or use the palette knife to turn it.
  • Cook for a further 1-2m until the second side is golden brown.
  • Serve whilst warm, cover with lemon & sugar, nutella, fruit, whatever takes your fancy
  • And repeat……. and enjoy your gluten free pancakes!

Gluten and Dairy Free Pancakes

200g GF SR Flour

200ml Cashew Milk (your dietary preference)

4 tbsp apple sauce.

Gluten Free Cornflour Pancakes

100g Cornflour

300ml Milk

2 eggs

If you have a go, let me know how you get on.


*The crepe pan links to Amazon where if you do purchase I will gain a small commision.

Life with a Coeliac Child

Like any other illness in life, you don’t choose to have it, be ill or have a member of your family be sick. At least with Coeliac Disease you can manage it by diet alone. You can help your body heal and watch the person in front of you turn from being a poorly individual to one that is full of health.

Seeing the difference in my daughter took a while; in fact 3-6 months before there were real signs she was improving. Her system had to go through what felt like a detox. She craved the very foods that made her ill. Her taste buds had to adapt to new flavours. Yes, there is a different taste to some gluten free foods – especially bread. If you’ve been eating normally for a long time, then you and your body adapt & accept those tastes and textures. Going gluten free means that you have to get used to new tastes.

Gluten Free Bread

She was never big on bread, but I tried to find something that she could have as an alternative if she wanted something. Her diagnosis had just come when she finally liked having a homemade hamburger… typical! So we tried various gluten free buns and sandwich slices. Warburtons GF squares won her over for a short time, but they were soon discarded. We tried other types in other supermarkets, some were liked, some were given a quick “no, I’m not eating that”.

Schar have been our go to for the longest. Their hamburger buns (McDonalds use them in Europe – I won’t go into the why can’t we have them over here debate…. yet..) and they are a top favourite in our house. They are hard to find, but well worth it. Asda seem to have them in the most. Their other bread rolls in the freezer are worth a look too. They remind me of continental rolls. Morrisons & Sainsburys stock them regularly & I actually prefer them now to regular bread rolls if we are having burgers. That way, I don’t have to worry about cross contamination, constantly washing my hands, remembering what I have & haven’t touched. It makes life easier!

Getting ahead – make your own garlic bread

Our latest bread that she likes is garlic bread to serve alongside her regular gluten free pasta and homemade chicken soup. I buy Schar ciabatta rolls, slice & fill them with garlic butter made from softened butter, crushed garlic & chopped parsley, maybe a little salt to bring out the flavour. Wrap each individual one up in silver foil, pop in a bag & freeze. Then when she does have pasta & requests a garlic bread, I can grab one straight from the freezer, pop into the oven & 10-15m later, one warm garlic bread to go. Simple & easy.

If only everything in life was as easy as that. There’s a ‘How to’ post on our Instagram account under Top Tips which (I think) is about to be renamed Hints & Tips…. something tips anyway!

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