Coeliac Disease – What you need to know going gluten free

A starter for 10!

So much to take in

Just diagnosed with Coeliac Disease? Yes, in the early days it can seem like an absolute whirlwind. Do this, don’t do that, you need this, you need that.

What you actually need is a little calm approach, and then everything will be ok.

With a little knowledge, you can tackle anything.

So many times now I see in groups lots of people newly diagnosed, asking questions, can I have, is this ok, I don’t know what to do…..

Help is at hand!

I’ve pulled all the info you need as a parent into an e-book to help you help your child in the early days Coeliac Disease & Your Child – What you need to know, But I was asked to have the below poster available on it’s own. That’s now part of a 10 page printable download that you can print out or save to your phone.

Download, print a copy, laminate it and stick it on your fridge. No one will be confused again.

It will help you in several ways to take the overwhelm out of the early days.

Coeliac Disease & Your Child – What you need to know

The poster guide isn’t the be all and end all of everything, but, it is a great start that you can use to help guide you in the early days, whether you are a parent of a coeliac child or an adult who has just been diagnosed.

When you have the basics, you can do anything.

And when you don’t know, you can ask. There are Facebook groups, Instagram accounts all with lots of information, hints, tips and more. Or if you fancy baking up a storm, our previous kits are available on our shop page.

Fancy subscribing? Head over to look at our baking kits for an hour or two of fun baking with your child.

Got a burning question? My DM’s are always open (in working hours!) Just drop me a message from our Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Going gluten free for Coeliac Disease doesn’t need to be difficult.