Coeliac Disease and what you need to know

So much to take in. So what is coeliac disease and what do you need to know to help your child?

In the early days it can seem like an absolute whirlwind. Do this, don’t do that, you need this, you need that.

What you actually need is a calm approach, and everything you need to know in one place.

With a little knowledge, you can tackle anything.

There are always lots of questions. How, what & why along with how will I manage not to mention the extra cost of going gluten free.

Help is at hand!

My child was diagnosed in January 2018. Quite a shock. Definitely not one I was expecting. But it explained the sore tummy’s, the ear infections, eye infections and the general run down feeling she had.

When I started out, the information wasn’t all in one place. Why not? You want to know fast how you will help your child. I didn’t want to search for information to help her. All the leaflets I had (yes I had a few, but many don’t) were all related to groups for adults. They wouldn’t help her.

Coeliac disease is the only disease that can be ‘cured’ by diet alone. That means removing all gluten from their diet in both food and drink. The small intestine is damaged with the villi retracting as the immune system of the body attacks itself.

To save you looking in hundreds of different places or groups, I decided to write a book. Not in a million years did I intend or expect to do that. But it’s helping parents across the world now that I managed to get it onto Amazon. It’s a book especially for parents, like me and you, who want to help their child.

My book Coeliac Disease & Your Child – What you need to know, is written specifically for parents to help you in the early days, right when your child is diagnosed. When you’re feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed. It’s a huge shock and quite a tearful time. Or it was for me.

It will help you to understand what it is you need to do to help you help your child.

How to cope with coeliac disease

When you have some basic knowledge, you feel more capable and confident in knowing what to do. My book does that for you. Because I had to learn too.

The first time you are faced with the Free From Aisle in any supermarket is daunting. Not to mention the cost. And it’s important to know too that not everything in the Free From Aisle is gluten free either! It’s a real challenge on some occasions and in the early days, through tears, it’s a bit overwhelming.

Got a burning question? A bit confused or lost? Then head over to Facebook or Instagram and send me a message. It’s just me, now robot, so I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Come over and say hi. It’s just another journey you have to negotiate. If you have the tools, information and knowledge, you can do anything. And you will, as it’s for your child.

Best wishes