Coeliac Disease – where to look for information on going gluten free

Getting Diagnosed & the Next Steps

You’ve got your child through the blood tests & now the results are in. But what do you do next?

You’ve had the call from the GP to say they have results & for you to book an appointment.

You’ve a further 2 week wait.

Finally, you find out the results. Your child is positive for Coeliac Disease, and you’ve to be referred to a consultant.

Don’t give up gluten yet!

You’ll need to see the consultant and for them to run their tests first. Please, don’t give up gluten. They’ll want to run a second blood test to confirm the initial diagnosis, and potentially an endoscopy. This is a procedure where they put a camera down the child’s throat whilst under general anaesthetic to look at their intestines to see if there is damage, and how much.

Once the consultant has completed their tests & they say to cut out gluten, you can begin your gluten free journey.

Getting diagnosed & the next steps – how & what to do?

You’ll be given leaflets by the consultant. Read them.

You’ll be referred to a dietitian to help with your child’s diet. You should have regular checks in the first year. I think ours was 3, 6 & 12 months.

Coeliac UK are the main charity and you should consider joining one of their subscriptions – you can choose from a digital option or have a handbook sent to your home. Subscribing gives you access to their 2 apps. One to check food and one to find venue.

Getting diagnosed & the next steps – how can I help?

4 years ago I didn’t know about the disease in any great detail.

Now, I can stand up and speak about it quite happily for 30 minutes if I had to.

I’m mum to two teens; one was diagnosed as having coeliac disease in 2018.

It was still so very overwhelming & quite frankly a little lonely. I remember my first food shopping trip. A hundred pounds on very little in the Free From aisle. There had to be an easier way. So what do you do once diagnosed & the next steps?

I found a way to make it easier for you. I put together an e-Book and an online course taking you through stage by stage, helping you find your way, get confident & help your child.

Covering topics in : What to look for, how to read labels and minimise cross contamination.

e-Books & online digital materials

I found everything focused on adults. Not alternatives for children.

Where would you even start.

It’s confusing in the beginning as there’s much to take in. Things to sort, and to make changes. Changes for you as a parent, the child and the wider family. Getting everyone on board and to understand is key. Just one crumb could cause problems.

The e-Book guides you at the start; organising your kitchen, learning about labels, cross contamination & more. All written from the perspective of a parent helping a child. Me, helping you.

The online course you can work through step by step, at your own pace, walking through it with me as I guide you. It’s on an introductory rate this week until Saturday. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

How to read labels download is a straight forward work book to guide you through how to accurately and confidently read labels. It will get you to understand how labels work. That if a label says it is gluten free, it is EVEN if it says it has barley or wheat in it. Labels can be confusing at best, but a ‘gluten free’ statement will always be gluten free.

For further information on Gluten Free Little Cook click here.