How to make Christmas fun for coeliac kids

Christmas is about fun, tasty treats that we can all eat. Just having coeliac disease doesn’t mean you should miss out. I’m making sure Christmas fun for coeliac kids still happens.

It doesn’t matter if they aren’t perfect. Perfect isn’t something I aim for.

They need to be fun, entertaining and tasty.

And importantly, achievable for anyone who wants to have a go. Because that is what it’s about, having a go, getting stuck in and trying. If we don’t try, we don’t know.

We’re too used to people looking, pointing and criticising. Who cares?

It doesn’t matter if the snowman’s arms are wonky, falling out or strangely disappeared. It matters that you & your coeliac child had a go. That you laughed, maybe cried, but ultimately had fun.

I’ve had my fair share of disasters too. Last week my bright idea of putting my choc chip cookies in a mince pie tin didn’t quite go to plan. They exploded, looked dreadful, tasted great, but ultimately looked bad. But, baking is experimenting. I gave it a go, it needs refining, but will work, one day. Plus icing can cover up lots of faults. It’s important that you just have a go. Give it a try, even if baking isn’t your strong suit. You just never know. It’s important you show that to your kids.

Making fun Christmas treats for coeliac kids

So here’s my Christmas booklet. Something to help fill some quiet moments before Christmas. Choose from Snowman or Reindeer cupcakes or Santa or Reindeer gingerbread cookies. Recipes to bake and instructions on how to recreate treats of your own.

Just remember to put the eyes closer together for the reindeer cupcakes – too far apart and you’ve got buffalo!! I’m creative, I didn’t say I was arty or got it right! Put the eyes closer together! That’ll work just fine.

Maybe it’s your first gluten free coeliac Christmas. It’s our 6th. Time has flown. It’s 6 years since my daughter looked like she was one of the walking dead. She was so deathly pale. Which has ultimately led us here, doing what I do now in my ‘spare time’!

It’s a year since I launched my book on Amazon to help parents. That was a crazy ride and just an idea. I’ve nearly sold 250 books in total this year. Almost 150 of the kids book Coeliac Survival Guide for Kids and 100 of the parents book ‘Coeliac disease & your child, what every parent needs to know‘.

Not bad for someone who was told they were ‘too capable’. You bet your bottom dollar I am, and next year it’ll be even better, as I learn more & more.

I can help you, a fellow coeliac parent, as I live through what you live through each day. I’m just 6 years ahead. I might make it look easy online sometimes, but there are days I’d like the world to stop too, take it all away, fix it and let me just be. Let my daughter do what she wants, when she wants.

But it is what it is. It’s our challenge. And we manage it well, helping others to learn and manage too.

I never wanted her to miss out. Our family traditions needed to remain although they had to be gluten free. Our Ikea gingerbread houses we used to have had to stop and I found the best way to create a gluten free one. I learnt what you need, how best to do it & how to ensure it all stuck properly. If you are wanting to build a house, then click the link below for the best recipe, instructions, template and top tips on how to accomplish it. I’ve done it the hard way, and now know the easy way!

Make & build your own gluten free gingerbread house

My Christmas booklet is 40pgs long! Yes 40. It’s got recipes for easy gluten free cupcakes, vanilla or chocolate, and how to create snowmen or reindeers. Then you’ve gingerbread cookies shaped like a heart or gingerbread man, BUT then converted, turned upside down & recreated as reindeers or Santa! The choice is yours.

The 40pg booklet includes steps on how you can Plan & Prepare, Communicate and Action making the whole of Christmas making it so much easier.

And some activities, colouring, dot to dot and a word search so that you might, I say, MIGHT just get to sit & put your feet up with a cup of tea. We can all dream!

For more hints and tips come follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Make your Christmas easier. It doesn’t need to be hard, our first Christmas was a trying affair. Watching food being passed like a hawk. We learnt, and can help make your Christmas easier too. I’m even taking my air fryer if we go on a trip – yes, I’m that crazy!! But needs must and it minimises my worry and risk of cross contamination.

Click the link below, grab your booklet today & get baking. You won’t regret it! It goes up to £12.99 after the weekend!

I promise.


Gluten free bonfire cupcakes

Let’s have some fun! Got a bonfire party? Then lets makes some gluten free bonfire cupcakes with this free pdf guide.

Got your favourite gluten free cupcakes recipe? So get busy baking, whip up a storm in your kitchen making some gluten free cupcakes. To create the bonfire cupcakes, grab the free pdf guide (link below) to make some fun gluten free bonfire cupcakes!

Something fun for all the family to get involved with. When making your cupcakes, if they’re plain vanilla, add some orange zest to liven them up.

Grab a few key ingredients, butter, icing sugar, food colouring. You might have it in your kitchen already.

Making your own cupcakes is good fun. Imagination is key, especially this time of year when shops begin to get tasty looking goodies in.

Be sure to check the labels of items you purchase & make sure they’re gluten free and safe for a coeliac.

Being safe is key when your child has coeliac disease, meaning you spend your time reading and rereading labels & avoiding cross contamination. If this gluten free lifestyle is all new to you and your family, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed & scared, my book for parents can definitely help you find your feet – grab your copy here!

If you make some, then tag me in a picture or two.

For more hints and tips on how to manage life with a coeliac child, follow me on Instagram or Facebook. I understand, as my daughter has the disease too. Let’s help each other.


How to have a coeliac safe Halloween

How to have a coeliac safe Halloween? Yes, it’s something else to think about when you are already overthinking everything else. So how can you make Trick or Treat easier for you & your coeliac child this year?

You need my top tips on how to manage a safe, happy Halloween when you are out Trick or Treating. Because a bit of planning is everything!

You don’t want to be scanning sweets whilst their out having fun, asking can I have this, can I eat this, pulling at your coat.

You’ll want to know now what you need to know!

How to help your coeliac child at Halloween

Maybe last year was a normal ‘Halloween’ for you & this is your first with a coeliac child. No worries about what they’d pick or cross contamination let alone ingredient lists.

But now they’ve a special gluten free, coeliac diet.

And that means being safe, reading labels, avoiding cross contamination. If this is all new to you and your overwhelmed & panicking, my book for parents can definitely help – grab your copy here!

But with Halloween coming, going out on to Trick or Treat and pick sweets from cauldrons and buckets, how will you get through that and keep your child safe?

I’ve got what you need to get you ready, organised & prepared. Without fuss, fear or tears!

My top tips help remove the overwhelm for the big event. You’ll ‘fly’ through it without any problems at all. Easily.

From 3 simple steps, your Halloween evening, party or Trick or Treat fun can be easy without worry or fuss.

The 19pg booklet includes steps on how you can Plan & Prepare, Communicate and Action making the whole of Halloween so much easier.

Not to mention including the only cupcake recipe I use, for you to make the easiest, fluffiest and tastiest gluten free cupcakes ever! Plus, now I’ve added the instructions on how to create Spooky Spiders as well as how to make monster choc chip cookies too. And to help you further there are a couple of activities for the kids – colouring and a Halloween wordsearch. That’ll keep them busy and give you a breather for 5m to sit and have a tea!!

For more hints and tips come follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Make your Halloween easier. It doesn’t need to be hard, our first Halloween wasn’t great. We learnt and can help make your Halloween so much easier too. Click, purchase & download straightaway for £5.99 and you will fly through the whole of Halloween easily.

I promise.


Coeliac Disease made easy for parents

Exactly what it says on the tin. Coeliac disease made easy for parents as my child has it too. I had to learn fast, finding out all the information quickly.

You too can learn how to manage your child’s diagnosis quickly and easily with my easy online course.

Need some help in learning how to manage coeliac disease in kids? With your child’s diagnosis, your world begins to spin. It’s like being in the eye of the storm. Everything around you is turning, information is being thrown at you. It’s overwhelming and lonely.

How do you even start?

What is a gluten free diet?

I know what it’s like as I had to learn and understand too.

Where to start?

My child was diagnosed in 2018. A total shock. I’ve learnt to live with over the past 5 years and now help parents to learn quickly and easily with my books and online course. I saw too many people struggling to find information at the beginning. You want to know what to do to help your child.

What is coeliac disease & what do you need to do? Is it just bread, pasta and cake to cut out?

It’s more than cutting out bread, pasta and cake!

When it’s your child, you don’t want them missing out. And you want to learn all you need to know quickly & easily!

  • What can they have? What can’t they have
  • Cross contamination? What is that?
  • How to read food labels and what to look for

There’s a lot to take in.

I read, I learnt and saw parents struggle.

Why create books and courses on Coeliac Disease?

I wrote & published the book last September 2022, but before that, I created an online course, for parents to work through at their own pace. You start and stop whenever you like. Download it to your computer, and you can refer to it as you go. It gives you access to me, my knowledge 1-1 taking you through all the information you need to know FAST!

All this was a crazy idea. What did I know? But now I have 5 years experience of helping my daughter. Living a gluten free life in a coeliac world. My original E-book I wrote then put it away. Who’d want that? I quietly put it online. I sold a few. It helped parents. I got braver, I rewrote it and put it on Amazon in December 2023. I’m a regular mum who had to learn & wanted to make it easier for other parents struggling. It is now helping parents all over the world.

I find that totally AMAZING!

Both books are now on Amazon. Or, you can get them direct from me in a book bundle. Saving you over £5 buying both books together – one for parents Coeliac Disease and your Child – What every parent needs to know and one for your child Coeliac Survival Guide for Kids helping kids learn fast to be confident in a fun and easy way.

Helping parents and kids diagnosed with coeliac disease

If you can’t buy it direct in Australia/New Zealand, you can download it – click here!

Online Course

I’d been so focused on the books that I forgot about the course until I was revamping the website. Really? Oh, yes!

I created an online course, like an intimate workshop. Same thing as the book, I didn’t say I’d done it, I kept quiet, small. Enough of that! Let’s go big! And here it is! Helping parents like me and you.

How can this course help you? It clearly outlines why you need to help your child and how. You need to learn what to do, how to adapt and keep your child safe.

The course walks you through all the steps. At your own pace.

Content includes:

  • Getting diagnosed
  • Next steps
  • What does gluten free really mean
  • Learn to read labels
  • Home – create a safe space
  • Cross contamination
  • Gluten free diet
  • Navigating school
  • Social & family events
Coeliac Disease Online Course

You don’t want your child missing out, feeling excluded. It’s a new way of life, much to learn for them and you. They’re shocked too when diagnosed and you have to help them. My book for kids can do that, helping give them their power back, making learning fun and opening up conversations.

I put all of my knowledge into this course, to help guide you through the early stages.  It covers different topics, helping you through the process over 90m. You can stop and start when you like.

You’ll understand & know what you are looking for, how to read labels confidently and feel confident in knowing how to manage cross contamination going forward.

I’m a regular mum with a coeliac child.  I’m not a medical expert, but I had to find my way, find out information, like you’re doing if your reading this. There wasn’t anything that spoke to me as a mum, everything was adult focused. Being a mum means I know how you feel and that you want to do the best for your child and their coeliac disease diagnosis.

You can stop and start. It’s one video, with me giving you the best of my knowledge to date, to help get you where you need to be.

Download your copy today by clicking on the button to start straight off, making your life that little bit easier as you adapt to a gluten free lifestyle.

You can choose the course for £49.99 as it is or add the book bundle for £75.00. Books are signed and sent by me, saving you more. UK book offer only – but if you’re further afield, drop me an email or DM. I’m sure I can work something out.

Need more help? Follow me on Instagram (I’m there most despite having hated it when I first started!) Or join my subscription only Coeliac Mums Club or free Facebook group to get connected to other parents just like you.

Good luck.

Helping parents help their coeliac child.


When your child is undergoing diagnosis for coeliac disease, you start looking to see what you need to do.

You begin to learn you need to cut out gluten. That should be easy right? That’s just cake, bread and pasta. Easy?


Coeliac disease is more than just removing those three categories. Gluten is in many grains, foods, drinks, sweets and chocolate.

You need to know what you are looking to exclude, how to read food labels, and most of all minimise & manage the risk of cross contamination.

My daughter was diagnosed in 2018. A total shock. We had leaflets but they weren’t on how to help a child. They were for adults. Parenting a coeliac child is a little different. And there began my ‘helping parents help their coeliac child’ journey.

Coeliac Disease & your Child – What parents need to know. Available in hard copy and as an e-book

Starting your coeliac journey

Depending on when they are diagnosed, you’ve school to consider, birthday parties, holidays, eating out and sleepovers. All on a new gluten free diet.

It’s all encompassing and hard work. It affects them and it affects you, as you as the parent will carry most of the load.

I saw parents struggling to get the information they needed in ONE place. I’d learnt, spent my time telling others how to do it, so wrote it down and got it on Amazon last December. Not bad for someone with no experience in writing a book, but I’ve plenty of experience in having a gluten free child. I just wanted to start helping parents help their coeliac child.

Absolute must buy for parents, grandparents & carers of coeliac children

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



June 2023 / Amazon verified purchase

Writing a book to help parents like me

If you need to know where to start, have someone speak to you from the pages of a book, understand that it’s overwhelming at the beginning, then you need my book. It tells you you’re not alone, guides you through practical information so you can start your journey with a bit more confidence, understanding and know I’ve got your back, wherever you are in the world. As James says in his full review on Amazon (& it was my aim to do so) in the book, “it’s like a hug from within a book”.

However, sadly my book isn’t available in Australia or New Zealand due to me not choosing ‘premium paper’ to print on. But, it should be orderable via a book shop as it’s on the ‘extended distribution list’.

To cover you in the far out reaches, I’ve set it up now as a download here, the same as the print version, and you can read it on your PC or phone. Grab a notebook to make notes, and let’s get you less stressed & overwhelmed, confident and ready for your new life long challenge. And it is a challenge, as each year brings different changes as your child grows, changes school, friendships etc. But, with the right information to hand, YOU will be ready for them as you get to grips with the disease.

Come follow me

Find me on Instagram (where I am more nowadays. & I hated Instagram when I started out!), Facebook or dare I say it TikTok!

My inbox is always open. Connect with me on Instagram & send me a message with any questions. No question is ever too silly, and it helps with providing more material.

My book will help make it all easier for you to make the changes & you’ll know you’re not alone. That’s key at the start of the journey as it is and does feel very lonely.

You’ll be fine, I promise.


Gluten Free Printable Guides

Printable guides – How to help your child go gluten free easily with our reference guides

You’ve got the diagnosis, leaflets from the Consultant/Dietitian (hopefully), info on Coeliac UK and then you are left to head home and start thinking about how you are going to manage & help your child start their gluten free coeliac journey.

And that quite frankly is a little overwhelming!  I know, as I’ve done it too.  4yrs ago I drove my daughter home from her Consultant’s appointment, putting on a brave face & thinking to myself, how am I going to get this under control.  How am I going to manage?

I did, and you can too.

But, as I researched and looked to see what I needed to do, there wasn’t a lot that focused specifically on children, how to help them and to help the parents get it all sorted & under control.

And now there is.  As well as baking kits, I’ve created and written an e-book from a mum’s point of view that will help guide you in your journey, help you negotiate and navigate the early days whilst giving you the confidence to believe you can do it.  As you have to, for your child’s best health.

I created the printable guides, as I wanted something to put on the fridge.  Helping me but anyone who came to visit that went in our fridge.  So they knew not to touch my gluten free child’s supplies.

It does what it says on the tin, with 10 printable guides for What you need to know, Reading Labels, a poster for quick and easy reference & how to remember what to avoid as well as other guides to help you in the beginning.

Download them to your computer or phone.  Print them out, give them to friends so that they know easily.

It’s what Gluten Free Little Cook is all about.  Making life a little bit easier, because having a Coeliac child is hard enough.

All yours for £9.99.  Making life just that little easier.


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Coeliac Disease Food Diary for Kids

Coeliac Disease Food Diary for Kids

How do your record what you child is eating in the early days?  If your child has just been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, then you’ll know about all the things that they can’t eat.  But what should they be eating & how much?

This Coeliac Disease Food Diary for Kids is going to help you out, giving you a reference point, diary pages to record what your child eats and notes for your records too.

Your child’s dietitian should be able to provide you with all the information, but in this handy e-book guide, you’ve a reference as to what to look for, how much to eat and an easy way to record it all.

Calcium and Iron are two important food groups that your child needs.  Coeliac UK state that a child needs 1000mg per day.  Does your child get their full intake?

Coeliac Disease – what do we eat now?

I’ve been there.  I was like you but don’t think for a minute we manage to eat everything of my charts or eat the rainbow.  Far from it, but, I do my best.

My daughter was diagnosed 4 years ago & there’s a lot to take in and a lot to do.

This 90+pg e-Book contains:

    • Top Tips you need
    • Child Record Sheet
    • First Steps
    • Overview on reading labels
    • What does GF mean/what to exclude
    • Top label reading tips
    • Our printout poster for ‘what you need to know’
    • Good Foods & Daily Needs
    • And a 3 months diary records with a weekly check on calcium levels.

Download it for £14.99

Once, I was exactly where you are now.  You can do this.  You have to do this.

And if you need more – you can grab both books in a bundle in the shop for £30.00

Any questions, drop me an email or DM via Instagram.

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Coeliac Disease & your child – download

What do you need to know?

Coeliac disease? When your child is diagnosed with this horrible disease, it’s a bit of a shock.  You take it in but then wonder what you need to do.  Having a coeliac child isn’t easy, there’s lots to learn and many challenges.  But, like anything, once you know what you need to do, you can go forward with the knowledge your child will be better for it.

It’s ok to feel sad, frustrated & angry too.  That’s how I felt in the beginning when my child was diagnosed – a total surprise – and one I wasn’t expecting.

So what does having a child with coeliac disease mean and what do you have to know and do.

One, it’s not an allergy – it’s an auto immune disease.  A reaction by your child’s body to gluten.

Two, it’s the only disease you can control by diet alone.  That in itself is amazing.

But there are many other caveat’s with this disease to factor in:

  • How you cook
  • What you cook
  • Minimising risk of cross contamination
  • Overwhelming and confusing isn’t it.

Need some help getting your head around it all?

The level of help varies throughout the UK.  We were lucky.  We’d a GP who understood we mustn’t give up gluten until diagnosed.

A referral to a dietitian and consultant within 8 weeks of diagnosis.  A folder of leaflets.

I scoured the internet.  Read lots. Joined Facebook groups.

Anything to help my child.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve seen that some don’t get that help.  They don’t get the leaflets (that you lose & can’t find anyway!!) or guidance on how to start their coeliac journey.

I saw that parents like me struggled to find out the information.  We needed simple all in one guidance.  From a mum’s point of view.

Me? Write a book? Are you quite mad?

I decided to do something about it and put everything I’ve learnt and more into the hardcopy book & this e-book.  But what did I know about writing a book.

Nothing.  So I learnt.  It’s all mine, from the front to the back.  But with coeliac disease, there’s lots out there for adults if you look.  But for parents with children?  There isn’t a lot.

It’s a big learning curve.

One, which is lonely, frustrating & overwhelming.

And yes, it’s hard.  I won’t lie about that.  I make it look easy now but I too have days that are just painful.  The planning is constant.  But I’m nearly 6 years down the road. The very beginning is confusing and complicated.

I didn’t know anyone else with the disease or anyone with a child that had it.  I’d no idea where to go for help when we started out.  I used the internet & googled, I read.  There’s no need to struggle,  It’s about getting the right information.

I’ll help you get through the storm at the beginning, when you are finding your feet to a secure place where you know what you are doing, what you are looking for, how to look for it and how to negotiate almost anything.

I share our story with you so far,  stories from other mum’s who have been in the same situation as us.

First Steps to helping your child with coeliac disease

You can be overwhelmed or be confident & calm.  Sit with a tea, feet up & read the book, make notes and take the steps needed.  Or furiously scroll through Facebook pages to find the information you are looking for.  You choose.  See my blog life with a coeliac child.

My pdf will help get you started easily.  Without the overwhelm.  It helps you learn what you need to do, what to look for, how to read labels and find items that aren’t labelled gluten free, saving you time and money.  Something that everyone needs to do right now!

Going gluten free & following a gluten free diet for coeliac disease shouldn’t be hard. It’s necessary to make sure your child’s health improves.  Fast.

This pdf is just like the book.  It has over 100 pages of information and places to make notes.  From a mum’s point of view.  My view.  Everything I’ve learnt, from being a complete novice, to running a gluten free cake business, to a kids baking kit business, which for now has closed due to not having enough time having returned to full time work.  Only so many hours in a day.

If you want the hard copy instead – click here

How does coeliac disease affect a child’s development

I’ve a child with coeliac disease, I’ve learnt the hard way.  From baking to school activities, parties and more.  When you finally have a diagnosis, you just want to get on & make your child well again.

Download the pdf immediately after checkout, find a quiet 5 minutes, grab a cup of tea and start learning.

“An easy read, helpful info and useful steps” was feedback from someone who bought the hard copy & whose child had just been diagnosed.

It’s about making life easier.

The pdf download is best read on your PC or tablet. Dip in & out as you need to on the sections that help you the most.  Make your own notes, check your cupboards, and learn that you aren’t alone.  There are lots of mum’s like us out there but we just don’t know it.


Coeliac Disease – A Handy Guide to get started

Get started with this handy guide for your gluten free journey.

Just diagnosed with Coeliac Disease? Don’t know where to start your gluten free journey?

Then this is the guide that you need.

I knew nothing about coeliac disease 4 years ago when my daughter was diagnosed.  It was one big shock.

It’s a lifelong condition, only managed by eating a completely gluten free diet, ensuring you do everything possible to keep gluten out of your diet by minimising cross contamination.

I had to do something to ensure that she got better & would thrive going forward.  And others need help when they start out to so they aren’t so lost & overwhelmed, because it is a big change.  If you are newly diagnosed, this is for you.

Coeliac Disease – What you should know

This e-book guide has simple and easy basic steps to get you started when you begin your journey.  You’ll have lots of questions.

Suitable for any age who’ve just been diagnosed with coeliac disease to help them  manage from the beginning with confidence and knowledge, knowing what to look out for, how to read labels and manage cross contamination.

Going gluten free is more expensive but it doesn’t have to be.  Knowing what to look for and how, saves time and money.  And it’s a friendly hug when you need it most.  I know how you’re feeling, it’s so overwhelming and a little scary too.  But you can do this.

Once you get your head around it, it’s not so bad. And once you do, you can move forward.  Maybe even get baking with our kits for your kids too.  Take a look .

Download your e-book copy here for £14.99 & start your journey with a bit of help & confidence.

About Gluten Free Little Cook

My daughter was diagnosed in 2018 with the disease.  I knew of it, but not much & I didn’t want her missing out.  It’s the little things in the beginning that you need to know.  Reading food labels well, avoiding may contains, managing cross contamination.  If you master those, it will be fine.  Everything else you can figure out along the way. Read all about what we do here.

Make your own Gluten Free Gingerbread House

Make your own gluten free gingerbread house? Are you mad?

It’s too hard, I don’t bake

I don’t know how, I can’t

You can!

Make your own Gluten Free Gingerbread House


It’s that time of year parents start searching for gingerbread houses to make with their children. To make fun, happy memories.

But what if you’ve got a child with coeliac disease who needs to be gluten free? They aren’t just on a shelf to buy, ready to build at home

You simply have to do it yourself. But don’t worry, we can do it together.

I learnt – and you can too! Even if you aren’t a baker!!

If you can’t get your hands on a ready made gluten free gingerbread house – fear not, I’ve got you covered. I’ve a step by step guide to get you from A to B easily.

It’s not too hard! It’s just melting, mixing & cutting out. Then ‘gluing’ it back together!

It doesn’t need to be perfect. It needs to be FUN!

What you do need is a solid base to build it on, some royal icing (bought or made) and plenty of suitable gluten free sweets – jelly tots, skittles, chocolate buttons, marshmallows – whatever it is that your child likes best to make a gingerbread house look simply STUNNING!

Purchase & download your guide here – grab your essentials and you are ready to go. It’s a fab way to spend a weekend, slowly creating and crafting your masterpiece. But make sure you’ve everything ready to go – it’s easier that way.

It doesn’t have to look picture perfect, it should be fun and you can join in with a regular Christmas activity by building your own special memories.

It’s one of our favourite things to do!

Grab your guide here – which has everything you need to know.

Next time you are in a supermarket grab a cake board to stick it all onto. You can even cheat and buy a tub of royal icing so you don’t need to mix it up. No judgement here. We’re all busy and we need help on some occasions

Gluten Free Gingerbread House

If you’re new to having a coeliac child, welcome to the club. It’s an overwhelming beginning. Take a look at my book options – it’s an easy read, helping parents just like you manage & find your way. The Amazon reviews speak for themselves. Grab your copy here direct from Amazon.

Any problems with your pdf guide, drop an email to

Remember, it doesn’t have to be picture perfect, we live real lives, it should be fun, and doesn’t matter how long it takes to create. That’s the fun part! 

Come follow me on Instagram or Facebook. With lots of fun Christmas bakes easy to do with the kids!

Grab your copy in time for Christmas!!