Coeliac Disease Food Diary for Kids

Coeliac Disease Food Diary for Kids

How do your record what you child is eating in the early days?  If your child has just been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, then you’ll know about all the things that they can’t eat.  But what should they be eating & how much?

This Coeliac Disease Food Diary for Kids is going to help you out, giving you a reference point, diary pages to record what your child eats and notes for your records too.

Your child’s dietitian should be able to provide you with all the information, but in this handy e-book guide, you’ve a reference as to what to look for, how much to eat and an easy way to record it all.

Calcium and Iron are two important food groups that your child needs.  Coeliac UK state that a child needs 1000mg per day.  Does your child get their full intake?

Coeliac Disease – what do we eat now?

I’ve been there.  I was like you but don’t think for a minute we manage to eat everything of my charts or eat the rainbow.  Far from it, but, I do my best.

My daughter was diagnosed 4 years ago & there’s a lot to take in and a lot to do.

This 90+pg e-Book contains:

    • Top Tips you need
    • Child Record Sheet
    • First Steps
    • Overview on reading labels
    • What does GF mean/what to exclude
    • Top label reading tips
    • Our printout poster for ‘what you need to know’
    • Good Foods & Daily Needs
    • And a 3 months diary records with a weekly check on calcium levels.

Download it for £14.99

Once, I was exactly where you are now.  You can do this.  You have to do this.

And if you need more – you can grab both books in a bundle in the shop for £30.00

Any questions, drop me an email or DM via Instagram.


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