Coeliac Disease & your child – download

What do you need to know?

Coeliac disease? When your child is diagnosed with this horrible disease, it’s a bit of a shock.  You take it in but then wonder what you need to do.  Having a coeliac child isn’t easy, there’s lots to learn and many challenges.  But, like anything, once you know what you need to do, you can go forward with the knowledge your child will be better for it.

It’s ok to feel sad, frustrated & angry too.  That’s how I felt in the beginning when my child was diagnosed – a total surprise – and one I wasn’t expecting.

So what does having a child with coeliac disease mean and what do you have to know and do.

One, it’s not an allergy – it’s an auto immune disease.  A reaction by your child’s body to gluten.

Two, it’s the only disease you can control by diet alone.  That in itself is amazing.

But there are many other caveat’s with this disease to factor in:

  • How you cook
  • What you cook
  • Minimising risk of cross contamination
  • Overwhelming and confusing isn’t it.

Need some help getting your head around it all?

The level of help varies throughout the UK.  We were lucky.  We’d a GP who understood we mustn’t give up gluten until diagnosed.

A referral to a dietitian and consultant within 8 weeks of diagnosis.  A folder of leaflets.

I scoured the internet.  Read lots. Joined Facebook groups.

Anything to help my child.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve seen that some don’t get that help.  They don’t get the leaflets (that you lose & can’t find anyway!!) or guidance on how to start their coeliac journey.

I saw that parents like me struggled to find out the information.  We needed simple all in one guidance.  From a mum’s point of view.

Me? Write a book? Are you quite mad?

I decided to do something about it and put everything I’ve learnt and more into the hardcopy book & this e-book.  But what did I know about writing a book.

Nothing.  So I learnt.  It’s all mine, from the front to the back.  But with coeliac disease, there’s lots out there for adults if you look.  But for parents with children?  There isn’t a lot.

It’s a big learning curve.

One, which is lonely, frustrating & overwhelming.

And yes, it’s hard.  I won’t lie about that.  I make it look easy now but I too have days that are just painful.  The planning is constant.  But I’m nearly 6 years down the road. The very beginning is confusing and complicated.

I didn’t know anyone else with the disease or anyone with a child that had it.  I’d no idea where to go for help when we started out.  I used the internet & googled, I read.  There’s no need to struggle,  It’s about getting the right information.

I’ll help you get through the storm at the beginning, when you are finding your feet to a secure place where you know what you are doing, what you are looking for, how to look for it and how to negotiate almost anything.

I share our story with you so far,  stories from other mum’s who have been in the same situation as us.

First Steps to helping your child with coeliac disease

You can be overwhelmed or be confident & calm.  Sit with a tea, feet up & read the book, make notes and take the steps needed.  Or furiously scroll through Facebook pages to find the information you are looking for.  You choose.  See my blog life with a coeliac child.

My pdf will help get you started easily.  Without the overwhelm.  It helps you learn what you need to do, what to look for, how to read labels and find items that aren’t labelled gluten free, saving you time and money.  Something that everyone needs to do right now!

Going gluten free & following a gluten free diet for coeliac disease shouldn’t be hard. It’s necessary to make sure your child’s health improves.  Fast.

This pdf is just like the book.  It has over 100 pages of information and places to make notes.  From a mum’s point of view.  My view.  Everything I’ve learnt, from being a complete novice, to running a gluten free cake business, to a kids baking kit business, which for now has closed due to not having enough time having returned to full time work.  Only so many hours in a day.

If you want the hard copy instead – click here

How does coeliac disease affect a child’s development

I’ve a child with coeliac disease, I’ve learnt the hard way.  From baking to school activities, parties and more.  When you finally have a diagnosis, you just want to get on & make your child well again.

Download the pdf immediately after checkout, find a quiet 5 minutes, grab a cup of tea and start learning.

“An easy read, helpful info and useful steps” was feedback from someone who bought the hard copy & whose child had just been diagnosed.

It’s about making life easier.

The pdf download is best read on your PC or tablet. Dip in & out as you need to on the sections that help you the most.  Make your own notes, check your cupboards, and learn that you aren’t alone.  There are lots of mum’s like us out there but we just don’t know it.