Coeliac Disease & your Child – What you need to know

Going gluten free?

Coeliac Disease, your child and going gluten free.  What does it really mean for you, your family & your child when they are diagnosed with this auto-immune disease?

Have do you even go about starting a gluten free diet?

What’s cross contamination?

Overwhelming and confusing isn’t it.

Need some help going gluten free?

Well,  this is what you need to help you get started.

I’ve written this e-book from a mum’s point of view.  I was in your shoes 4 years ago when my daughter was diagnosed.  I vaguely knew of the disease, but now I really needed to know.

It’s a big learning curve.  One, which is lonely and frustrating.

The e-book has handy practical tips to help guide & get you started, because you have to get started, as you need to eliminate all the gluten from your child’s diet.

You have to make your child better and well, and the only way to do that is for you to change their diet.  Completely.

And yes, it’s hard.  That I won’t lie about, and I may make it look easy from the outside looking in, but I too have days that are just painful.  The planning is and can be too much.  But I’m 4 years down the road. The beginning is scary, confusing and complicated.

I didn’t know anyone else with the disease or anyone with a child that had it.  I’d no idea where to go for help when we started out.  I used the internet & googled, I read.  There’s no need to struggle,  It’s about getting the right information.

I’ll help you get through the storm at the beginning, when you are finding your feet to a secure place where you know what you are doing, what you are looking for, how to look for it and how to negotiate almost anything.

I share our story with you so far,  stories from other mum’s who have been in the same situation as us.

First Steps to going gluten free

We’ll check the First Steps, making sure your child has been diagnosed by the Consultant, then get the kitchen organised & processes in place so that you can help your child get better quickly.

Don’t struggle.  I’ve been there, done that and there’s no need to go from group to group asking questions, I’ve the answers in my e-book.  You’ve enough to do in the beginning.

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Going gluten free shouldn’t be hard. My daughter doesn’t miss out, your child shouldn’t either.

The 90pg e-book is £19.99, instantly downloadable & readable on your mobile.  You can dip in & out on the sections you need help on most with lots of advice, as once, I was exactly where you are now.  You can do this.

And now, I’ve even created an online course to run with the book!

Any questions, drop me an email or DM via Instagram.