Course – Online Learning – Coeliac Disease and Your Child – What you need to know

Your child and Coeliac Disease.  When your child has been diagnosed with coeliac disease it’s so overwhelming at the beginning.  So much to take in. So much to do and learn.

When it’s your child, it just seems harder.

What can they have / can’t have

Cross contamination? What is that?

How to read food labels and what to look for

There’s a lot to take in.

I was in your shoes 4 years ago.  My daughter had a shock diagnosis, & I was determined she wouldn’t miss out.

So I read, I learnt and didn’t want any other parent to struggle in the beginning.

I wrote one e-book to help ‘everyone’ but didn’t publish it in the beginning as, well, what did I know.  I put it out there, but then took it back down.  Who’d want that??

But I’ve always helped, solved problems and this is what I wanted & needed to do.

Then I set about writing another e-book Coeliac Disease & your Child – What you need to know to help parents with newly diagnosed children, as it’s all so adult focused.

What about helping our children?

They don’t want to miss out, but they need to be safe, loved & cared for.  They’re in shock too when diagnosed and you need to help them. Where do you go for information as a parent?.

Yes, the usual places such as Coeliac UK (highly recommend you join) but where is something specific to help parents help their children?   I’ve not found anything yet.  It’s lonely and hard in the early days, I didn’t know anyone else who had a child with the disease, had no one to ask questions of, how could I find out that I was going in the right direction, doing it right?  There are many changes you need to make for their diet, your kitchen & their health.

So I put all of my knowledge into this course, to help guide you through the early stages.  It covers 10 different topics, with me guiding you through the whole process during 90m which you can stop and start as you like.  You’ll be able to know what you are looking for, how to read labels confidently and feel secure in knowing how to manage cross contamination going forward.

I’m a mum of a coeliac child.  I’m not a medical expert, but I have had to find my way, like you will if you’re reading this. Being a mum means I know how you feel and that you want to do the best for your child and their coeliac disease diagnosis.

You can stop and start the course whenever you like.  It’s one video, with me giving you the best of my knowledge to date, to help get you where you need to be.

Download your copy today of Coeliac Disease & your Child – What you need to know and make your life that little bit easier as you adapt to a gluten free lifestyle.

Watch out for details of the Facebook Group connected with this course so that you have exclusive access to ask questions you might have.

Good luck.