Going on a Playdate – Advice for parents of a Coeliac Child

Coeliac Child has a Playdate – Advice for parents 

Your coeliac child has a playdate.  Yay!

The excitement of your child being invited to a playdate or a sleepover suddenly changes to dread & fear at informing the other parent of all the necessary steps that are needed to ensure your child remains safe & well due to their coeliac disease.  It doesn’t have to be hard.

In this guide, there are simple steps and ideas to get you and your child through the events be it a playdate, party, BBQ or sleepover.

All for £4.99


The guide contains my top tips from what I’ve learnt as a parent during our 5 year journey to date along with a two page guide to print out & give to the host parent so that they are informed & have a referral guide just in case they are feeling lost.  And if you’re looking for more help in starting out on your coeliac journey, then my book could be just what you need, full of all the information you need when you are starting out.  From knowing you aren’t alone, to what to look for, how to read labels & minimise cross contamination.  It could be just what you need – click here

Our children don’t need to miss out on their childhood fun.

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Happy partying!