Helping parents help their coeliac child.


When your child is undergoing diagnosis for coeliac disease, you start looking to see what you need to do.

You begin to learn you need to cut out gluten. That should be easy right? That’s just cake, bread and pasta. Easy?


Coeliac disease is more than just removing those three categories. Gluten is in many grains, foods, drinks, sweets and chocolate.

You need to know what you are looking to exclude, how to read food labels, and most of all minimise & manage the risk of cross contamination.

My daughter was diagnosed in 2018. A total shock. We had leaflets but they weren’t on how to help a child. They were for adults. Parenting a coeliac child is a little different. And there began my ‘helping parents help their coeliac child’ journey.

Coeliac Disease & your Child – What parents need to know. Available in hard copy and as an e-book

Starting your coeliac journey

Depending on when they are diagnosed, you’ve school to consider, birthday parties, holidays, eating out and sleepovers. All on a new gluten free diet.

It’s all encompassing and hard work. It affects them and it affects you, as you as the parent will carry most of the load.

I saw parents struggling to get the information they needed in ONE place. I’d learnt, spent my time telling others how to do it, so wrote it down and got it on Amazon last December. Not bad for someone with no experience in writing a book, but I’ve plenty of experience in having a gluten free child. I just wanted to start helping parents help their coeliac child.

Absolute must buy for parents, grandparents & carers of coeliac children

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June 2023 / Amazon verified purchase

Writing a book to help parents like me

If you need to know where to start, have someone speak to you from the pages of a book, understand that it’s overwhelming at the beginning, then you need my book. It tells you you’re not alone, guides you through practical information so you can start your journey with a bit more confidence, understanding and know I’ve got your back, wherever you are in the world. As James says in his full review on Amazon (& it was my aim to do so) in the book, “it’s like a hug from within a book”.

However, sadly my book isn’t available in Australia or New Zealand due to me not choosing ‘premium paper’ to print on. But, it should be orderable via a book shop as it’s on the ‘extended distribution list’.

To cover you in the far out reaches, I’ve set it up now as a download here, the same as the print version, and you can read it on your PC or phone. Grab a notebook to make notes, and let’s get you less stressed & overwhelmed, confident and ready for your new life long challenge. And it is a challenge, as each year brings different changes as your child grows, changes school, friendships etc. But, with the right information to hand, YOU will be ready for them as you get to grips with the disease.

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My book will help make it all easier for you to make the changes & you’ll know you’re not alone. That’s key at the start of the journey as it is and does feel very lonely.

You’ll be fine, I promise.