How to have a coeliac safe Halloween

How to have a coeliac safe Halloween? Yes, it’s something else to think about when you are already overthinking everything else. So how can you make Trick or Treat easier for you & your coeliac child this year?

You need my top tips on how to manage a safe, happy Halloween when you are out Trick or Treating. Because a bit of planning is everything!

You don’t want to be scanning sweets whilst their out having fun, asking can I have this, can I eat this, pulling at your coat.

You’ll want to know now what you need to know!

How to help your coeliac child at Halloween

Maybe last year was a normal ‘Halloween’ for you & this is your first with a coeliac child. No worries about what they’d pick or cross contamination let alone ingredient lists.

But now they’ve a special gluten free, coeliac diet.

And that means being safe, reading labels, avoiding cross contamination. If this is all new to you and your overwhelmed & panicking, my book for parents can definitely help – grab your copy here!

But with Halloween coming, going out on to Trick or Treat and pick sweets from cauldrons and buckets, how will you get through that and keep your child safe?

I’ve got what you need to get you ready, organised & prepared. Without fuss, fear or tears!

My top tips help remove the overwhelm for the big event. You’ll ‘fly’ through it without any problems at all. Easily.


From 3 simple steps, your Halloween evening, party or Trick or Treat fun can be easy without worry or fuss.

The 19pg booklet includes steps on how you can Plan & Prepare, Communicate and Action making the whole of Halloween so much easier.

Not to mention including the only cupcake recipe I use, for you to make the easiest, fluffiest and tastiest gluten free cupcakes ever! Plus, now I’ve added the instructions on how to create Spooky Spiders as well as how to make monster choc chip cookies too. And to help you further there are a couple of activities for the kids – colouring and a Halloween wordsearch. That’ll keep them busy and give you a breather for 5m to sit and have a tea!!

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Make your Halloween easier. It doesn’t need to be hard, our first Halloween wasn’t great. We learnt and can help make your Halloween so much easier too. Click, purchase & download straightaway for £5.99 and you will fly through the whole of Halloween easily.

I promise.