How to read labels confidently

Your child has been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.  Amongst the 100 things you now need to do, is know how to read labels confidently.

Do you know how?

What you are looking for?

Labels have all the information you need to ensure that you know what is in them.

But do you know how to decipher the information?  What to look for?  What is a ‘may contain’.  Knowing how to read labels confidently will give you the boost that you need when you head out to the shops as it’s daunting the first few times, and takes forever!!

At the end of these slides you’ll work through independently,  you will be able to work confidently through any label challenge when you are out shopping.

Learning how to read labels makes your life easier.  You get into the habit of picking items up, checking them over and either putting it in your basket or putting it back.  There are some items out there that you’d never think were gluten free but are.  It can make a huge difference to your purse over time.

A video version will be available shortly.

Have you grabbed our book Coeliac Disease & your Child – What every parent needs to know.     If you’re just starting out then that’s definitely what you need to get started.

Don’t forget to look at joining Coeliac UK & where I always recommend you find out answers to medical related questions. They’ve a wealth of information and a scanning app included in their membership if you need additional back up in the beginning.


Happy reading.