Coeliac Disease made easy for parents

Exactly what it says on the tin. Coeliac disease made easy for parents as my child has it too. I had to learn fast, finding out all the information quickly.

You too can learn how to manage your child’s diagnosis quickly and easily with my easy online course.

Need some help in learning how to manage coeliac disease in kids? With your child’s diagnosis, your world begins to spin. It’s like being in the eye of the storm. Everything around you is turning, information is being thrown at you. It’s overwhelming and lonely.

How do you even start?

What is a gluten free diet?

I know what it’s like as I had to learn and understand too.

Where to start?

My child was diagnosed in 2018. A total shock. I’ve learnt to live with over the past 5 years and now help parents to learn quickly and easily with my books and online course. I saw too many people struggling to find information at the beginning. You want to know what to do to help your child.

What is coeliac disease & what do you need to do? Is it just bread, pasta and cake to cut out?

It’s more than cutting out bread, pasta and cake!

When it’s your child, you don’t want them missing out. And you want to learn all you need to know quickly & easily!

  • What can they have? What can’t they have
  • Cross contamination? What is that?
  • How to read food labels and what to look for

There’s a lot to take in.

I read, I learnt and saw parents struggle.

Why create books and courses on Coeliac Disease?

I wrote & published the book last September 2022, but before that, I created an online course, for parents to work through at their own pace. You start and stop whenever you like. Download it to your computer, and you can refer to it as you go. It gives you access to me, my knowledge 1-1 taking you through all the information you need to know FAST!

All this was a crazy idea. What did I know? But now I have 5 years experience of helping my daughter. Living a gluten free life in a coeliac world. My original E-book I wrote then put it away. Who’d want that? I quietly put it online. I sold a few. It helped parents. I got braver, I rewrote it and put it on Amazon in December 2023. I’m a regular mum who had to learn & wanted to make it easier for other parents struggling. It is now helping parents all over the world.

I find that totally AMAZING!

Both books are now on Amazon. Or, you can get them direct from me in a book bundle. Saving you over £5 buying both books together – one for parents Coeliac Disease and your Child – What every parent needs to know and one for your child Coeliac Survival Guide for Kids helping kids learn fast to be confident in a fun and easy way.

Helping parents and kids diagnosed with coeliac disease

If you can’t buy it direct in Australia/New Zealand, you can download it – click here!

Online Course

I’d been so focused on the books that I forgot about the course until I was revamping the website. Really? Oh, yes!

I created an online course, like an intimate workshop. Same thing as the book, I didn’t say I’d done it, I kept quiet, small. Enough of that! Let’s go big! And here it is! Helping parents like me and you.

How can this course help you? It clearly outlines why you need to help your child and how. You need to learn what to do, how to adapt and keep your child safe.

The course walks you through all the steps. At your own pace.

Content includes:

  • Getting diagnosed
  • Next steps
  • What does gluten free really mean
  • Learn to read labels
  • Home – create a safe space
  • Cross contamination
  • Gluten free diet
  • Navigating school
  • Social & family events
Coeliac Disease Online Course

You don’t want your child missing out, feeling excluded. It’s a new way of life, much to learn for them and you. They’re shocked too when diagnosed and you have to help them. My book for kids can do that, helping give them their power back, making learning fun and opening up conversations.

I put all of my knowledge into this course, to help guide you through the early stages.  It covers different topics, helping you through the process over 90m. You can stop and start when you like.

You’ll understand & know what you are looking for, how to read labels confidently and feel confident in knowing how to manage cross contamination going forward.

I’m a regular mum with a coeliac child.  I’m not a medical expert, but I had to find my way, find out information, like you’re doing if your reading this. There wasn’t anything that spoke to me as a mum, everything was adult focused. Being a mum means I know how you feel and that you want to do the best for your child and their coeliac disease diagnosis.

You can stop and start. It’s one video, with me giving you the best of my knowledge to date, to help get you where you need to be.

Download your copy today by clicking on the button to start straight off, making your life that little bit easier as you adapt to a gluten free lifestyle.

You can choose the course for £49.99 as it is or add the book bundle for £75.00. Books are signed and sent by me, saving you more. UK book offer only – but if you’re further afield, drop me an email or DM. I’m sure I can work something out.

Need more help? Follow me on Instagram (I’m there most despite having hated it when I first started!) Or join my subscription only Coeliac Mums Club or free Facebook group to get connected to other parents just like you.

Good luck.