Gluten Free Printable Guides

Printable guides – How to help your child go gluten free easily with our reference guides

You’ve got the diagnosis, leaflets from the Consultant/Dietitian (hopefully), info on Coeliac UK and then you are left to head home and start thinking about how you are going to manage & help your child start their gluten free coeliac journey.

And that quite frankly is a little overwhelming!  I know, as I’ve done it too.  4yrs ago I drove my daughter home from her Consultant’s appointment, putting on a brave face & thinking to myself, how am I going to get this under control.  How am I going to manage?

I did, and you can too.

But, as I researched and looked to see what I needed to do, there wasn’t a lot that focused specifically on children, how to help them and to help the parents get it all sorted & under control.

And now there is.  As well as baking kits, I’ve created and written an e-book from a mum’s point of view that will help guide you in your journey, help you negotiate and navigate the early days whilst giving you the confidence to believe you can do it.  As you have to, for your child’s best health.

I created the printable guides, as I wanted something to put on the fridge.  Helping me but anyone who came to visit that went in our fridge.  So they knew not to touch my gluten free child’s supplies.

It does what it says on the tin, with 10 printable guides for What you need to know, Reading Labels, a poster for quick and easy reference & how to remember what to avoid as well as other guides to help you in the beginning.

Download them to your computer or phone.  Print them out, give them to friends so that they know easily.

It’s what Gluten Free Little Cook is all about.  Making life a little bit easier, because having a Coeliac child is hard enough.

All yours for £9.99.  Making life just that little easier.



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