How to make Christmas fun for coeliac kids

Christmas is about fun, tasty treats that we can all eat. Just having coeliac disease doesn’t mean you should miss out. I’m making sure Christmas fun for coeliac kids still happens.

It doesn’t matter if they aren’t perfect. Perfect isn’t something I aim for.

They need to be fun, entertaining and tasty.

And importantly, achievable for anyone who wants to have a go. Because that is what it’s about, having a go, getting stuck in and trying. If we don’t try, we don’t know.

We’re too used to people looking, pointing and criticising. Who cares?

It doesn’t matter if the snowman’s arms are wonky, falling out or strangely disappeared. It matters that you & your coeliac child had a go. That you laughed, maybe cried, but ultimately had fun.

I’ve had my fair share of disasters too. Last week my bright idea of putting my choc chip cookies in a mince pie tin didn’t quite go to plan. They exploded, looked dreadful, tasted great, but ultimately looked bad. But, baking is experimenting. I gave it a go, it needs refining, but will work, one day. Plus icing can cover up lots of faults. It’s important that you just have a go. Give it a try, even if baking isn’t your strong suit. You just never know. It’s important you show that to your kids.

Making fun Christmas treats for coeliac kids

So here’s my Christmas booklet. Something to help fill some quiet moments before Christmas. Choose from Snowman or Reindeer cupcakes or Santa or Reindeer gingerbread cookies. Recipes to bake and instructions on how to recreate treats of your own.

Just remember to put the eyes closer together for the reindeer cupcakes – too far apart and you’ve got buffalo!! I’m creative, I didn’t say I was arty or got it right! Put the eyes closer together! That’ll work just fine.

Maybe it’s your first gluten free coeliac Christmas. It’s our 6th. Time has flown. It’s 6 years since my daughter looked like she was one of the walking dead. She was so deathly pale. Which has ultimately led us here, doing what I do now in my ‘spare time’!

It’s a year since I launched my book on Amazon to help parents. That was a crazy ride and just an idea. I’ve nearly sold 250 books in total this year. Almost 150 of the kids book Coeliac Survival Guide for Kids and 100 of the parents book ‘Coeliac disease & your child, what every parent needs to know‘.

Not bad for someone who was told they were ‘too capable’. You bet your bottom dollar I am, and next year it’ll be even better, as I learn more & more.

I can help you, a fellow coeliac parent, as I live through what you live through each day. I’m just 6 years ahead. I might make it look easy online sometimes, but there are days I’d like the world to stop too, take it all away, fix it and let me just be. Let my daughter do what she wants, when she wants.

But it is what it is. It’s our challenge. And we manage it well, helping others to learn and manage too.

I never wanted her to miss out. Our family traditions needed to remain although they had to be gluten free. Our Ikea gingerbread houses we used to have had to stop and I found the best way to create a gluten free one. I learnt what you need, how best to do it & how to ensure it all stuck properly. If you are wanting to build a house, then click the link below for the best recipe, instructions, template and top tips on how to accomplish it. I’ve done it the hard way, and now know the easy way!

Make & build your own gluten free gingerbread house

My Christmas booklet is 40pgs long! Yes 40. It’s got recipes for easy gluten free cupcakes, vanilla or chocolate, and how to create snowmen or reindeers. Then you’ve gingerbread cookies shaped like a heart or gingerbread man, BUT then converted, turned upside down & recreated as reindeers or Santa! The choice is yours.

The 40pg booklet includes steps on how you can Plan & Prepare, Communicate and Action making the whole of Christmas making it so much easier.

And some activities, colouring, dot to dot and a word search so that you might, I say, MIGHT just get to sit & put your feet up with a cup of tea. We can all dream!

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Make your Christmas easier. It doesn’t need to be hard, our first Christmas was a trying affair. Watching food being passed like a hawk. We learnt, and can help make your Christmas easier too. I’m even taking my air fryer if we go on a trip – yes, I’m that crazy!! But needs must and it minimises my worry and risk of cross contamination.

Click the link below, grab your booklet today & get baking. You won’t regret it! It goes up to £12.99 after the weekend!

I promise.