Gluten Free Little Cook

How could I make fun, educational gluten free baking kits for kids?

Baking Kits for Coeliac Kids?

Baking Kits for Coeliac Kids?  Could it be possible?

This thought popped into my head one Saturday morning early in 2021 having been bombarded by Facebook ads after clicking on a random advert.  You know, you click on one, and then suddenly the powers that be read your mind and you are inundated with every bake box that is currently available online. But they aren’t suitable for my family or maybe even yours, as I have a child with Coeliac Disease.  

I know how hard it is on a day by day basis, just wanting to be ‘normal’.  I never wanted her to miss out so I had started a Gluten Free cake business in 2020 but, it took up too much time, cleaning down a family kitchen twice before starting. How hard could it be…..

With a coeliac child myself, I know what must be done, what must be excluded (items that contain barley, rye, oats* or wheat/gluten). Regular baking boxes just aren’t suitable for us as an option or a treat.  *Oats can be suitable for Coeliacs, but need to be specifically stated as gluten free.  7-10% of Coeliacs still can’t tolerate oats in their diet. 

You need something specific for your child’s needs, those diagnosed with Coeliac Disease & those dairy free.  We want our children to have special treats, as they typically miss out on having that cake at a birthday party or when in a restaurant.  On normal everyday things.

I didn’t want to be ‘oh, you can’t have that, lets read the label, lets see or check’.  I want to be safe for both my daughter and your sons and daughters too.

We’re 6 months in.  I’ve worked out the solution, I’ve refined the boxes, they’ve become fun, creative boxes that make tasty treats as well as combining a learning fun facts about seasonal UK vegetables, along with an activity to undertake each month; colouring/word search/dot to dot.  Activities to get their fingers and brains working.  And yes, I did train as a nursery nurse so its finally harnessing that knowledge too.

Whilst the ingredients are provided, your child is learning to bake from scratch, read a recipe, follow steps.  Key life skill, especially if you want your child to be independent when older.

Baking lessons for big and small are coming too – when I feel confident enough – as everything is new, a huge learning curve & little steps before big scary leaps.  Watch the website for details.

Baking is just science in another form, and at least with these experiments you get to eat the outcomes!  And they are very tasty!!