Sometimes it’s all about the cake

Gluten Free Birthday Cake of course!

Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Cake with Jam & Cream

Whether it’s a family celebration or birthday cake, sometimes you just don’t have the time or inclination to make your own gluten free birthday cake. Even I can’t be bothered sometimes, so, what are your options?

There’s good cake and bad cake out there, so it’s about picking the right one for you, and what you fancy, of course.

There is a wide range of cakes, but the ones that came out on top with comments on my cake post were the following:

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

  • Galaxy – now this retails at around £11 which is pretty pricey for a cake but it is also quite a big cake so will feed a fair few. But apparently it’s a good one & lots of people said it is their go to cake. Available from Waitrose, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys & Morrisons. I was recommended to try it with some Bailey’s pouring cream! I think warmed up too it’ll be delicious with a good vanilla icecream.
  • Co-op GF Hand Finished Chocolate Cake – £3.50-£4. This is our family go to cake when I just can’t be bothered, haven’t had time and we fancy a little treat. Definitely good warmed with icecream.
  • Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Belgian Chocolate buttercream & cake – £3 I’ve not had this one but it is another alternative if you are trying to track one down!
  • Tesco chocolate cake – belgian chocolate buttercream & chocolate swirls.   We had this one a long time ago, maybe we had a bad one – we thought it heavy, but it was in the early days of diagnosis, so we should give it another go! £3

Gluten Free Caterpillar Birthday Cakes

After the Aldi vs M&S caterpillar cakes, well there are still more out there & they keep coming. Even better that these three are all gluten free

  • Carl the Caterpillar from Tesco – £6
  • Eric the Caterpillar from Sainsburys – £6
  • Frieda the Caterpillar cake from Asda – £6.25

Which one have you tried?

Best Kids Gluten Free Birthday Cakes

  • Tesco’s Confetti Cake was highly recommended by one reviewer.  It comes covered in a white icing, with bright coloured buttercream swirls in yellow, blue & pink, and confetti sprinkles.  All you need to do is unbox it, maybe add some extra GF sprinkles, a unicorn or suitable equivalent, a sparkler, candles even a special cake topper and you are good to go. £9
  • White fondant iced cake – there are a couple of options.  Morrisons have one with coloured stars for £6 and Asda have one for £6.50

So if you have a birthday coming up, and haven’t the time as you are busy working, there is a cake within your budget. All you have to do is track it down – that sometimes is the hardest thing to do! But it is possible. It’s ok to cheat and not slave away in the kitchen late at night after work. Take the pressure off and buy it instead. Just add those candles, a few sprinkles and it’ll all be fabulous.

And if you don’t fancy cake, this month the baking kits are all about biscuits this month. The children are making animal cookies and there’s a secret surprise in the ‘white’ icing. Can’t wait to see the kids faces when they add the water. Definitely not boring white icing!!

Happy days.