Baking Kits for Kids with Coeliac Disease or Gluten Free needs

Being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease is hard, especially when you're a child!

It’s no fun at any age getting diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.  

But for a child to understand what you can and can’t have is a huge adjustment. Having to turn down a biscuit or cake at a party.  It can make them feel left out.

 And it’s a shock for any parent too.  

I know how you feel as it happened to us too.  My daughter was ill on & off for a long time, then suddenly diagnosed in Feb 2018 with Coeliac Disease.  I was then determined she wouldn’t miss out.  On anything!  But what did I know?  Nothing at the beginning other than I had to help my child.  So I learnt and wanted to help parents like me, as you start your journey to help your child, and make your life a little bit easier with a helpful guide to steer you in the right direction with my ebook, making life a little bit easier at the beginning.

For the children, I didn’t want them missing out.  I’ve created fun & ‘normal’ gluten free baking kits so they don’t miss out.  Helping you, as busy parents avoid the hassle of locating ingredients that are safe to use, to save you dashing from shop to shop.  What arrives in the box is suitable for your child to bake safe, fun & tasty treats.

How does it work?

It’s a subscription box.  You can join us on a month by month basis and cancel at any time.  Or subscribe for a longer term and receive a discount.  12 month subscriptions have a discount per month equal to one box free during your term excluding postage.

The kits arrive at your home by post containing quality gluten free ingredients including GF/DF sprinkles for you to bake tasty normal treats at home together.  

Boxes vary month by month, tying in with UK themes and fruits/vegetables that are in season.

As a minimum, you’ll always bake 12 cupcakes or 12 cookies, so there is plenty to share.  Cupcake cases & baking pieces are included in the Ultimate Kits and you always get 24-25 cases in a pack so you can bake the recipe again with your ingredients at home.  

We use quality ingredients including Doves Free From flour, Tate & Lyle Sugar & specially sourced GF/DF sprinkles.

Our Ultimate Baking Kit is now available as a gluten & dairy free option.


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Choose the baking kit that suits you & your needs

Why our baking kits?

I never wanted my daughter to miss out, your child shouldn’t either.  

The baking kits are prepared & sent each month with fun in mind for your child to be creative.  The kits contain all they need along with guidance and follow along photo steps, but, it’s really important that they create & decorate their bakes as they choose to.  If they don’t want to follow my guidance for decorating, that’s fine too!

Gluten Free and Coeliac Disease

My child was diagnosed in 2018 after numerous symptoms over the years.  We’ve learnt how to manage and live a gluten free lifestyle excluding all gluten from their diet which is found in Barley, Rye, Oats* & Wheat.  We’ve learnt to negotiate restaurants, family events & parties managing cross contamination importantly keeping her safe and well.  The blogs on our website are about how we live daily with it, with hints and tips on how to manage your own child’s diagnosis.  Sharing our knowledge is key to helping others find their way ahead easily.  We didn’t know anything when we started out. But we’ve definitely learnt the best way forward. 

*Oats can be suitable for those with Coeliac Disease.  However, it is about how they are processed so they need to be labelled gluten free.  7-10% of Coeliacs can’t tolerate oats in their diet.  For further information, do refer to Coeliac UK who have a wealth of information & we highly recommend you join that charity.

I wanted to see if it was possible to provide a solution for other families like mine.  I didn’t want my daughter missing out and nor should any other child.  So, I set about creating fun and normal baking kits suitable for children from 4-12yrs that are gluten free.  But it needed to be more than just a baking kit.  It combines elements of learning too, where food comes from, seasons and encouraging them to try foods that they are finding out about.  It all adds to enhancing your child’s learning & development.

Baking is and should be fun.  It’s another form of science & experimentation, albeit with the added bonus of being able to eat the results!

Happy Baking!