Creating children’s gluten free baking kits is what I do.  My mission is to ensure no child with Coeliac Disease or a Gluten Intolerance misses out on the fun of baking normal tasty treats.  In the beginning, it’s incredibly daunting to work out how you’ll manage.  Reading labels, checking packets, avoiding cross contamination.  See the blog for info & our journey so far with handy tips.

I’m Nicky, mum to two girls, one of whom has Coeliac Disease.  She was diagnosed in February 2018.  A total shock to me & her which brought changes to how everything was run in our family home.  Life was never going to be the same.  But I was determined the more I learnt about the disease, that she would never miss out once I saw the constraints that the disease creates.

Don’t you ever get fed up of saying ‘no’ you can’t have that, it’s not suitable, it’s contaminated, it has wheat or gluten in it just to avoid the risk of your child getting glutened?  “We’ll find something else suitable”, having your child miss out AGAIN on something that should be part of their normal childhood. I know I get fed up saying it.  And, she gets fed up hearing it to.

Our baking kits help to take all that hassle away. 

In one box, you’ve all you need to bake tasty treats, help them learn, encourage their independence and their creative minds.











Get your child baking & having fun

No more saying ‘no’ when you are unsure & helping to avoid the search for suitable items from various different supermarkets (why can’t they have all the stock under one roof?!) as everything in our kits is gluten free & suitable for your child.  As a mum of a coeliac child, I understand only too well what it is like to try and find fun and normal items so your child is like their peer group.

The subscription baking kits are different each month, linking with various UK events throughout the year.  The boxes arrive at your home via Royal Mail with all the dry ingredients you need along with a recipe card, learning activity and a welcome note.  You provide the egg, butter/milk of your dietary choice.  The learning activity focuses on a UK seasonal fruit or vegetable combining 10 Fun Facts with a learning/colouring element. 

The aim is for your child to be involved, to be creative, to learn that baking is fun even with being gluten free and importantly that they decorate their bakes as they wish.  The tools are there for them to get excited to be ‘normal’.  To learn about food; where it comes from, how it grows and then to have baking and being as creative as possible.  To do it their way!  

* If you are dairy free as well as gluten free, I recommend you use a hard block butter replacement such as Flora Plant.  I use cow or soya milk for our recipe testing.  Any questions, just drop me an email via our Contact Us page.

Why trust us?

Only when you’ve lived within the bubble that is Coeliac Disease, can you begin to understand what the diet & lifestyle entails.  The restrictions that it imposes on you, your family & child.  

The constant pressures of planning and thinking about food that’s safe to ensure that you provide a suitable diet for your child to keep them well.  It’s overwhelming.  Our kits help to get rid of that overwhelm.

I totally understand where you’re coming from as I’m in exactly the same position.  I’m a parent of a child with Coeliac Disease.  That makes us part of a very special individual group. We have the same daily challenges, the need for all foods and ingredients to be safe, gluten free, free from contamination and more importantly, for your child to be included in normal everyday activities that they can miss out on.

The boxes are posted out within the UK/Northern Ireland monthly. Ireland (EIRE) postage currently restricts us from subscribers as due to Brexit the postage is now £7 (can you believe it!).  Feel free to message me & I’ll see what I can arrange.

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Let’s get baking!!