Making coeliac disease fun for kids

Making coeliac disease fun for kids. Why can’t our children have fun tasty treats that go with special occasions too? Just because you have coeliac disease doesn’t mean that you have to miss out.

Handy e-books for with step by step instructions, handy hints and simple easy ways to make fun gluten free goodies at Christmas, Easter or Halloween with ingredients you’ll probably have at home.

Chose the one that fits with what you need, purchase and download to your computer or phone.

Make a gluten free gingerbread house
Click Here for more info – £5.99
Coming this weekend
Christmas Booklet for gluten free treats
downloadable pdf guide
coeliac safe halloween
Coeliac Safe Trick or Treat
How to have a coeliac safe Halloween
Click here – £5.99
Have you got your copy? Grab your parents guide here if you can’t get a hard copy where you live.
Grab your pdf here – £16.99

Making coeliac disease fun for kids and inclusive. It’s hard enough learning to live with the disease. Thinking outside of the box, makes sure they’re included.

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